Early signs of pregnancy

Reviewed on : 18 May 2016

Often months and even years pass by, waiting for that special one to enter a woman’s life with tiny footsteps. Women desirous of becoming moms keep searching for even the slightest of the signs that may indicate that a new life is budding inside them. Some go for regular pregnancy tests, that they hope will one day turn out to be positive, while others just somehow know that they are expecting the good news.

Here is a list of various other early clues that nature leaves behind to let a woman know that she may have conceived –

Sensitive breasts

The levels of progesterone (the hormone that stimulates the uterus to prepare for pregnancy) start to increase when one conceives and the milk ducts prepare themselves for breastfeeding. Tender breasts often are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It is accompanied by tingling and soreness of nipples where the slightest of touch can be startling.


Another common symptom indicating that a pregnancy is around the corner is light bleeding or spotting, which is also known as implantation bleeding and takes place when the developing embryo implants itself onto the lining of the uterus. Most women don’t experience any spotting at all, whereas a few may mistake it for a light period. So if a lighter than normal period is experienced or only spotting is observed on the day of the period, then do check out for pregnancy.


One may not have known tiredness until one has become pregnant and if one is in the early stages of pregnancy, then one may feel tiredness at its maximum. It is safe to hold the hormones, running wild inside, responsible for all the exhaustion. To deal with the unprecedented tiredness, one needs to only follow the simple steps: eat, sleep and rest! If however the tiredness is excessive or is not relieved by rest, then one should consult a doctor to rule out any other medical problem.

Morning Sickness

Often occuring through the entire day and night, ‘morning sickness’ does not necessarily confine itself to mornings only. Nearly all pregnant women go through morning sickness, with around 80% of them feeling nauseated and almost half of them vomiting regularly. It is extremely common in the first trimester and can sometimes last up to the second trimester.


It is not surprising if one starts to feel that the belly is already bulging out. The increased progesterone in the body during pregnancy can slow the digestion in the stomach which can cause bloating. One can already start preparing oneself for an extended waistline. The initial paunch will gradually take the form of a baby bump.

Uncontrollable emotions

Too much of mood swings may no more be a sign of PMS and might just mean that one is now in for a new feeling altogether. The convergence of hormones and the mounting expectation, when one is looking forward to the good news, can make the moods swing from one extreme to another in no time.

Always up for peeing

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG, the hormone produced by the embryo following implantation, can rapidly increase the frequency of visits to the loo. Even those who can handle a filled bladder for a longer time, may find their talent to shame if they have conceived. Many pregnant women will be happy to be able to manage an hour without taking a trip to the toilet. However, if the urination is painful or accompanied by a burning sensation then one should consult a doctor to rule out urinary infection.

Funny taste and strong sense of smell

In many pregnant women a strange metallic taste lingering in the mouth is often one of the weirder but earliest pregnancy symptoms. This is also the time when you start to crave for certain foods and beverages. Apart from this, one may become sensitive to every smell, however slight and mild.

If one experiences one or more of the earlier symptoms of pregnancy then it may be a good idea to follow some easy and convenient steps even as you wait for a confirmation :

  • Drink as much water as you can to keep yourself hydrated. Plain water works fine, but, if you feel nauseated, add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt to it. You will feel rehydrated in no time.
  • Get plenty of rest, but preferably in small instalments more frequently. Take time off, be it for 10 minutes only as often as you can. Go for a nap around lunch time and before having dinner. Sleep early and wake up a little late. Get even the smallest bits of rest whenever you can but also try to do mild exercise to maintain muscle tone, stamina and proper blood circulation.
  • Be confident about how you look and search for positive information about pregnancy and childbirth. Keep away from the birth horror stories and be confident that your body knows very well how to prepare for birth.
  • Look for a suitable healthcare provider who can be associated with you from the early stage of pregnancy and support you whenever required with information about the nutritional requirement, physical needs and about almost every other aspect of pregnancy.
  • Be curious and aware. Ask questions about everything you want to know, be it about your care or your baby’s care. Go to workshops and classes which enable one to make well thought out and educated choices related to different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Learning about the process aids us in mentally preparing ourselves for the entire journey.

When the confirmation of the good news does finally arrive, it can be both exhilarating and perplexing at the same time. What’s next? How to handle something that one has no clue about?

Fortunately, our body automatically adjusts itself to the new demands on it, as it is a natural process and one doesn’t really have to be taught about the same. Your body will be your best guide for healthy pregnancy habits and you just have to be attentive enough to understand and respond wisely to every need of your body.  Carefully choose the people with whom you share your precious moments while a new life may be growing inside you. Take the best possible care of yourself, inculcate a positive attitude, be happy and enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey.

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