Checklist – Labor & Delivery
By the week 35 of their pregnancy, every pregnant women should start preparing themselves for their delivery. This will ensure that they do not get into a panic rush when leaving for the hospital after the baby has made his or her arrival intentions clear !

It is advisable to pack separate bags - one for the mother and one for the baby (and one more for whoever will accompany and stay with you in the hospital throughout) and leave them ready at a convenient spot at home where they can be easily located and grabbed even when leaving in a rush for the hospital.

Note : If your hospital has also provided you a list (including what they will provide for the mother and the baby) then use it to further modify the below list.

Important papers :
  • Hospital Name, Address and any Booking related documents
  • Doctor’s Name, Address, Contact numbers
  • Complete set of health reports, prescriptions etc. related to the period of pregnancy as well any other long term health conditions
  • Health insurance related info
  • Birth plan (if you have one)
  • List of key people with their contact numbers
  • Photo ID and Address proof
  • A blank baby book
  • Pen and paper

Clothes for the mother :
  • A couple of well worn but comfortable sleeveless cotton nightgowns which can be thrown away if they get spoilt
  • Few pairs of cotton socks (non-skid if possible)
  • Disposable slippers
  • A worn shawl or sweater to keep you warm in overcooled hospital rooms
  • A few maternity bras and nursing pads
  • Maternity underwear (you may also use disposable ones)
  • A couple of fresh nightgowns to wear after delivery
  • A comfortable dress and a pair of slip on flat footwear, to go home in

For the baby :
  • A coming home dress
  • A few soft and warm blankets in which to bundle the baby for the ride home (especially if the weather outside is cold)
  • Approved car seat (if mandated or preferred) that you have familiarised yourself with
  • Baby nail clippers
Toiletries and accessories :
  • Personal items
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Hand and face soap
  • Lip balm
  • Moisturiser & Nipple cream
  • Deodorant
  • Disinfectant hand and baby wipes
  • Spectacles and Contact lenses, lens case and solution
  • Headband or ponytail holder (Hair clips may not be comfortable)
  • A good bath towel to enjoy your bath after you have delivere
  • Sufficient numbers of heavy flow sanitary pads of your favorite brand

Snacks :
  • Sugar free candies to suck during labor
  • A few packs of your favorite non-perishable snacks and cookies for the hungry new mom

Not to forget :
  • Mobile phone(s) and charger(s)
  • Unless you want to use your mobile phone for taking pictures, a camera or camcorder (with battery, charger and memory card) to capture the precious moments
  • If you don’t have your music in your mobile phone, an MP3 player with pre-loaded music
  • Anything like a cushion or pictures of your other children to help you relax
  • A few light reading materials (It will help you and your companion pass any waiting time)
  • Adequate cash and credit cards
  • An old towel and plastic sheet to spread on the seat during the ride to hospital in case the water breaks

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